Country life

Get involved in local farm life: watch milking, visit farm shops and the mushroom farm, or try your hand at some alpaca husbandry. This is great badger country: in the evening there's nothing so exciting as watching the dusk exodus of tens of badgers off on their nocturnal rounds.

On-farm we can organise meeting alpacas (see here for more about alpacas) and our local milk farmer is very welcoming to visitors wanting to watch a milking or meet some cows. The mushroom farm is just up the road.

There's a fishing lake at Danebridge Fisheries in Wincle (3 miles), it also has a small fishing pen suitable for young children (guaranteed trout catch). More extensive fishing and the nicest swimming is at Rudyard Lake (20 minutes by car) which has a sailing club, boat hire, and a mini steam train.

The College of the Peak and National Stone Centre and the The Derbyshire Eco Centre run wonderful courses in many rural and 'eco' themes like dry stone walling, stonemasonry, building with straw, timber self-build, heritage roofing, geo-conservation, paving, letter cutting, and cane seat making. Many of which have 'taster' days for the whole family. Book early though, these courses are very popular.

Arts Derbyshire has details of numerous courses and workshops including photography, life drawing, water colours, and dancing.